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The Kinks "Mister Pleasant" / "This Is Where I Belong" [Pye, 7N 17314], 4/1967.⁠

Feeling very pleasant after a nice upgrade of this Swedish PS. As usual, the record is pressed in Norway.⁠

A not entirely known but completely fantastic b-side. For those of you who have not heard "This Is Where I Belong", I am posting a video in the biography. And for you who get a sudden urge to hear it again.⁠ Play it loud!

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is #nowplaying Small Faces "Small Faces" [Decca, LK 4790]. ⁠

This is the debut album of Small Faces, released in May 1966 by Decca Records. In solid glorious mono.⁠

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The Who flyer advertising their second show in Sweden on May 7, 1967. A couple hours earlier they played in Kristianstad (Summarlust). ⁠

The world's wildest pop group as the text says above the band image. 660 moonths ago.⁠

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The Jam "This Is The Modern World" ad, UK 11/77. ⁠

The second barrage in the Jam's worldwide rock 'n' roll crusade.

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Chris Bailey "It's Only Time (Movie Version)" [Feber, FRI 2].⁠

R.I.P. 💔⁠

Free vinyl single with the Swedish magazine Feber #2, 1990. (On the other side Eldkvarn " Flickornas Pris (Rock And Roll Version)".)

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Squeeze "Pulling Mussels (From The Shell)" / "What The Butler Saw" [A&M, AMS 7523], 1980.⁠

Great song by four angry young men and a happy future TV presenter.

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The Church "Under The Milky Way" // "Warm Spell" / "Musk" [Mushroom, K 491].⁠

Australian single from 1988.

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The Who "The Kids Are Alright / The Ox" [Brunswick, 05965], 1966.⁠

Great single, here with Swedish picture sleeve.

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The Hollies "If I Needed Someone" / "I've Got A Way Of My Own" [Parlophone, R 5392], 1965.⁠

Recent upgrade of the orange sleeve variation. Swedish PS and record.⁠

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Set Me Free – New and upcoming releases

Alan Vega – After Dark
Set Me Free

Alan Vega – After Dark (album)

This second unearthing in 2021 from the late Alan Vega (1938–2016) archive, the posthumous After Dark (In The Red Recordings), is very reminiscent of Alan Vegas’ two-day improvisation with Alex Chilton, which materialized as Cubist […]

Olofssons Lost Treasures

Olofssons Lost Treasures

Olofssons Lost Treasures – Vol. 2

Efter ytterligare tolv artiklar och två specialartiklar är det ännu en gång dags att summera dem med en spellista. Det är också dags att ta en längre paus, efter att under drygt sju intensiva månader […]

Olofssons Lost Treasures

Yrke: låtskrivare

Vi inleder veckans Olofssons Lost Treasures med ett pop quiz. För nu gäller det att klura ut den gemensamma nämnaren mellan poppig garagerock, mästerlig soul, drömlik psykedelika och sommardoftande pop. För att inte tala om […]

Olofssons Lost Treasures

Finnkampen i sextiotalspop

Olofssons Lost Treasures erkänner villigt att kunskaperna i finländsk pophistoria lämnar mycket övrigt att önska. Men nu, när Finland vann Hockey-VM och den första Finnkampen i sextiotalspop, är det hög tid att sätta sig i […]

Olofssons Lost Treasures

The greatest girl group song?

Det är dags att presentera gruppen som gjorde en av de bästa girl group-låtarna och som spelade in förträffliga skivor under fyra olika namn. När jag ändå lyckats väcka er nyfikenhet, varför inte fortsätta att […]

Peter Digging Now

Dogmatics - She’s The One
Peter Digging Now

Dogmatics are back for sure!

What a pleasant surprise it was to reconnect with Dogmatics after so many years through their 2019 7” release She’s The One; a 1m44s pop knockout that Buddy Holly should have been proud of. The […]

Peter Digging Now

Gabba Gabba Hey Ho

The Ramones are among the strongest proofs of a mismatch between long time impact and records sold. Their slow burner debut album Ramones acquired status of US gold (500,000 copies) as late as 2014 – […]

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Will Birch – Cruel to be Kind
Books & magazines

Will Birch – Cruel to be Kind

We finally have the result of what PopDiggers announced more than a year ago in the interview with Will Birch regarding his upcoming biography of Nick Lowe. Will Birch’s seminal book on pub-rock No Sleep […]

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