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Kind(a) Ray Davies

You have to feel a lot of sympathy for Ray Davies, who unlike Lennon–McCartney, Jagger–Richards and several other songwriting teams, had to strive hard by himself to reach high on the charts. Despite these unfavourable […]

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Arthur Conley "Sweet Soul Music" / "Let's Go Steady" [Atlantic, ATL 70.206 ], 1967.⁠

Swedish release.⁠

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PopDiggers (Peter Jönsson) explores another decade of underexposed pop music. This time it's the 00's with bands like Reigning Sound, The Exploding Hearts and The Riff Randells.⁠

Contains more than 50 listening suggestions for your consideration.⁠

Link in bio.⁠

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Scott Walker "Jackie" / "Wait Until Dark" [Philips, 326 852 BF], 1968. ⁠

Happy Birthday Scott! ⁠

Norwegian release.⁠

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Imagine an alternative Kinks discography, 1964–1971!⁠

After The Rolling Stones it is now time for Hans Olofsson's second "Imagine if.." digging this time into The Kinks releases. ⁠

"Have you also dreamed of finding the perfect discography by your favourite act, including their unreleased songs and their songs released by other artists only? "⁠

Hit the bio to find links to both articles. ⁠

The singles in the picture above have never been released. So do not worry, you do not miss these goodies! 😅😇. But of course they appear in the article.

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The Jam "All Around The World" / "Carnaby Street" [Polydor, 2058 903], UK 7/77.⁠

In the bio you'll find a YouTube video with The Jam performing "All Around The World" live at "Marc Bolan Show". Don't miss a breathless Marc introducing The Jam. 😍

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The Beatles "Ticket To Ride" / "Yes It Is" [Parlophone, R 5265], 4/1965.⁠

Yes It Is the high-hatted the Beatles. 😎⁠

Swedish sleeve and record.

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Phil Seymour "Surrender" / "Better To Me Than You" [Boardwalk, 100-16-003], 7/1982.⁠

One of four very nice German singles with Phil. Always stylish, striped and missed.

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The Rolling Stones "Paint It, Black" / "Long Long While" [Decca, F 12395], 1966.⁠

Strangely enough, Decca used this photo (from the first album) on singles released in Sweden 1964, 1965, 1966 and even autumn 1967! "Paint It, Black" I've seen with German sleeve and either a Swedish or UK disc.

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Flying Color "Look My Way" / "Dear Friend" [Cryptovision, CR 400], 1985.⁠

One more great debut 7" released by Cryptovision. This time by Flying Color and "Dear Fiend" is the favourite.⁠

In his PopDiggers article "Nearly forgotten pop classics from the ‘80s" Peter wrote:⁠

"Dear Friend" is the flipside of Flying Color’s first and only single. The song later appeared on their only album (s/t) in 1987 [Frontier] and also emerged on a European single [Shigaku Presents] same year. Flying Color formed 1984 in San Francisco seemingly driven by the idea of exploring how far the jangly Rickenbacker sound could be taken. Hector Penalosa is the most well-known founding member because he once played bass in The Zeros, a San Diego area punk band.⁠

The recorded production by Flying Color went off like fireworks, symbolized by their album – a set of impressive pop songs that disappeared rather quickly after being appreciated only by a clique of pop aficionados and initiated reviewers. Such fate is not a total surprise, since high class pop only exceptionally had major commercial breakthroughs after the ‘60s.⁠

Chris von Sneidern filled a guitar vacancy at the age of 19 when the album was released, which kept Flying Color flying for another couple of years before they finally disbanded in 1990. The members happened to meet again in 1996 around the time Spanish Munster released the album (on a CD with three extra tracks), but without leaving any (easily found) official freshly recorded traces. Three fourth of them went on to form Map of Wyoming while Chris von Sneidern began in 1993 to accumulate an impressive discography of his own.⁠

👉Link to article and YouTube video with "Dear Friend in bio.👈⁠

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Articles (English)

Kind(a) Kinks
Articles (English)

Kind(a) Ray Davies

You have to feel a lot of sympathy for Ray Davies, who unlike Lennon–McCartney, Jagger–Richards and several other songwriting teams, had to strive hard by himself to reach high on the charts. Despite these unfavourable […]

Set Me Free – New and upcoming releases

Alan Vega – After Dark
Set Me Free

Alan Vega – After Dark (album)

This second unearthing in 2021 from the late Alan Vega (1938–2016) archive, the posthumous After Dark (In The Red Recordings), is very reminiscent of Alan Vegas’ two-day improvisation with Alex Chilton, which materialized as Cubist […]

Olofssons Lost Treasures

Olofssons Lost Treasures

Olofssons Lost Treasures – Vol. 2

Efter ytterligare tolv artiklar och två specialartiklar är det ännu en gång dags att summera dem med en spellista. Det är också dags att ta en längre paus, efter att under drygt sju intensiva månader […]

Olofssons Lost Treasures

Yrke: låtskrivare

Vi inleder veckans Olofssons Lost Treasures med ett pop quiz. För nu gäller det att klura ut den gemensamma nämnaren mellan poppig garagerock, mästerlig soul, drömlik psykedelika och sommardoftande pop. För att inte tala om […]

Olofssons Lost Treasures

Finnkampen i sextiotalspop

Olofssons Lost Treasures erkänner villigt att kunskaperna i finländsk pophistoria lämnar mycket övrigt att önska. Men nu, när Finland vann Hockey-VM och den första Finnkampen i sextiotalspop, är det hög tid att sätta sig i […]

Olofssons Lost Treasures

The greatest girl group song?

Det är dags att presentera gruppen som gjorde en av de bästa girl group-låtarna och som spelade in förträffliga skivor under fyra olika namn. När jag ändå lyckats väcka er nyfikenhet, varför inte fortsätta att […]

Peter Digging Now

Dogmatics - She’s The One
Peter Digging Now

Dogmatics are back for sure!

What a pleasant surprise it was to reconnect with Dogmatics after so many years through their 2019 7” release She’s The One; a 1m44s pop knockout that Buddy Holly should have been proud of. The […]

Peter Digging Now

Gabba Gabba Hey Ho

The Ramones are among the strongest proofs of a mismatch between long time impact and records sold. Their slow burner debut album Ramones acquired status of US gold (500,000 copies) as late as 2014 – […]

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Will Birch – Cruel to be Kind
Books & magazines

Will Birch – Cruel to be Kind

We finally have the result of what PopDiggers announced more than a year ago in the interview with Will Birch regarding his upcoming biography of Nick Lowe. Will Birch’s seminal book on pub-rock No Sleep […]

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