The original purpose of this site was to be a continuation of the Torpedo(pop) site where we reached the layout limit for the reviews. Along the way there have been different sites/blogs that have been abandoned for different reasons. Blogspot (not satisfied), Vox (closed down) & wenker blog (slow webhotel and too individual URL).

Which leads to the birth of PopDiggers. As you will see we dig many different styles of music, but what it usually comes down to is having a good pop song. And we like to dig a little deeper and give tips about songs, labels and artists you might have missed.

Plans had to be changed again when we recently received the information that our old web hotel for the Torpedopop site won’t support ASP coding anymore. Our reviews, articles and mailorder will cease to function. As we don’t want to lose this material we are spending a lot of time transferring it. That’s why old material also shows up here.

Torpedo Records

We have released seven CDs on the Torpedo label. The aim is the same here – to spread music we like – and hopefully help the artists to “bigger” things. During the years this has meant loss of money, but also a lot of good times and many new friends. Except for the latest release all items has been issued in limited edition hand-numbered digipak or paper-sleeve. It’s been a while since a release, but there are plans to relase at least one 7″ during its existence!

Articles & Reviews

I’ve been involved in two Swedish music magazines (Now & Then and Impact). Some of mine and my editor friend Hans Olofsson articles will appear here. Also other articles/reviews from the Torpedopop site will or have been transferred. All used with permission from the authors. Thanks to everyone.

Special thanks to Gary Pig Gold and David M. Snyder who have helped for many years and still contribute to this site.


At the moment we are still updating the mailorder section. At today’s date we are on the letter C … but all Torpedo releases have been included. You can pay with PayPal but you can’t check out automatically as we haven’t been able yet to figure out how to add different shipping rates. You can check out and then we will contact you and inform you about the total cost. We always try to keep the postage cost down and recommend to send CDs without jewel cases. Just send an e-mail with any question you may have and we’ll get back to you!

The old mailorder is still up and working here

Audio & Photos

For your listening pleasure we have provided audio tracks with music we like and want more music fans to hear. Our intention is to promote the artists and most of the music is used by permission. So when you discover something new you enjoy please buy the music and support the artists and labels.

As to photos it is sometimes hard to know if they are official promotion photos or not. We try to use pictures received directly from the label or artist. If you object that your photo appears here just let us know and we will remove it.