• The Beach Boys

    Gary’s Endless Winter

    Your humble Pop Digger, mouse in hand and mistle firmly under toe, scoured this whole virtual world in order to ask that musical question… “ WHY WOULD YOU RATHER BE [...]
  • Herman's Hermits

    Hold On! It’s Herman’s Birthday!!

    In the utterly go-go, trans-media flurry which was mid-Sixties pop(ular culture), every television star worth their Nielsens was expected to not only chase spies and rope [...]
  • Ancient Cities

    Ancient Cities – Ancient Cities

    This is the most intriguing album I’ve heard these past 12 months. Repeated listening reinforces the notion that I can’t remember the last album before this that I [...]
  • The Shilohs

    The Shilohs – The Shilohs

    Before last week (middle of July) I can’t say I had ever heard of the Shilohs, even though they’ve been around since ‘08. (The number of bands in the world has expanded [...]

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Random album reviews

  • Doc Thomas Group - The Italian Job
  • The Goldenhour - Always In The Now
  • The Quarter After - The Quarter After
  • Mystery Action - Here's Another Year
  • The Twilights - Once Upon A Twilight
  • The Sundowners - Captain Nemo
  • P76 - Into The Sun
  • The Exists - The Legendary Lost Exits Album
  • Bronco Bullfrog - The Sidelong Glances Of A Pigeon Kicker
  • Pyramidiacs - Teeter Totter
  • The Orgone Box - Things That Happened Then
  • Butch Berry - Unlimited
  • Nic Armstrong & The Thieves - The Greatest White Liar
  • Various Artists - Lovin' Fire
  • Food - Forever Is A Dream
  • Locomotions - Locomotions
  • Cloud Eleven - Terrestrial Ballet
  • Various Artists - Cry Of Atlantis
  • Orange Humble Band - Humblin' (Across America)
  • Lolas - Something You Oughta Know
  • Rob Smith - Small Town Boy
  • Various Artists - Gene Pitney Story Retold
  • Sugarbomb - Bully
  • Splitsville – Presents … The Complete Pet Soul
  • The Beep Seals - Things That Roar
  • The Squires Of The Subterrain - Big Boy Pete Treats
  • The Magnificent Brotherhood - The Magnificent Brotherhood
  • Mellowmen - Tomorrow’s Sounds Today
  • Hutch - Turn It Around
  • The Resonars - Nonetheless Blue
  • Chewy Marble - Bowl Of Surreal