Barely Pink – Last Day Of Summer

December 19, 2003 Garwood Pickjon 0

With Brian Merrill’s rawer vocal delivery, alongside the band’s just as rawkier approach, compared to the usual (power) pop suspects, it works in a way similar to that of their labelmates, The Shazam. Sometimes, it’s […]


The Five Americans – The Best Of

December 14, 2003 David M. Snyder 0

Every region probably could claim one. Dallas’, via southeastern Oklahoma, the Five Americans could be thought of as a real life Wonders, not in being “one hit wonders” but in the wake of the Beatles […]


The Rhinos – Year Of The Rhinos

December 10, 2003 Garwood Pickjon 0

Though you’ve probably already read comments like this, regarding some other groups, this just seems like another one of those moments when you tend to say that “this isn’t like The Byrds, this IS The […]

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