Jupiter Affect – The Restoration Of Culture After Genghis Khan

It was a long, three year wait since Jupiter Affect’s debut Instructions For The Two Ways Of Becoming Alice and one thing’s for sure, they still LOVE lengthy titles.

Besides the album’s name, you’ll find songs like The Leader Of All Tribes Living In Felt Tents or You Are Wise In Your Conceit, O’Beautiful Woman Of The Tartars, of which, the latter especially, is a proof that, what’s more important, they also still LOVE great songs.

With it’s jazzy, chamber pop feel, it wouldn’t seem out of place on such classics like Oddesey & Oracle or Forever Changes, the pure pop melodies of Do You Remember, Above The Ground and Genghis Khan Love Theme recall Micheal Quaercio’s paisley times, spent with The Three O’Clock but there’s also some mean, heavy bluesy riffage in Hymn Of The Steppes, that will take you for a ‘Zeppelin-ride.

Genghis Khan Blues Theme and Attack Of The Hair People sound like “revolver shots” announced with sporadic “entwistling trumpets”, while Damacus Rose is a perfect blend of that rockin’ crunch and an irresistible melody that defines them the best.

I’m not really sure about it, but it sounds like there’s a concept in there somewhere (Genghis Khan, Tartars, steppes or even hair people…), “restoring the culture” in the most melodious way.

[Released by Orange Sky 2003]

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