Le Indikation – Tu Manipules Ma Tete

If you are a mid-’60s-sounds fan, there are several reasons for you to be tempted to pick up this piece of vinyl.

First, there’s the visual aspect of the super-cool picture sleeve, with the band photo that could’ve easily been mistaken for any original ’65/’66 group and, of course, there The Zombies reference in the name.

Even if this was a plain cover-band, you’d definitely consider it an essential purchase, but there’s soooooo much more to these guys comin’ outta “Norwegian woods”. Surprisingly enough, the record starts with the pure Francophonic beat-pop of the title tune, that will keep kinda “impressin’ ”with it’s guitar line and the Who-ish pop-artsy break.

The other half of the single’s sunny-side is filled with the garage-punk organ-isation of the “You’re no good”-riff, with a shot or two of r’n’b, called Jaqueline, and the b-side is an instrumental rave-up that could’ve come from an unused Revolver session.

Norwegian band, on a French label, playing Brit-inspired beat music … the good ol’ days of the French EPs tradition are back!

[Released by Larsen 2002]

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