Mark & The Spies – Everything I Need

Hyped among the transglobal in-crowd as the next big Dutchbeat thing during the last couple of months, Mark & The Spies have entered the scene as appropriate for a mid’60s inspired beat band, which is on a 7” vinyl EP.

In general, being more reminiscent of the conventional side of Brit-invaded native originals such as The Motions, than the more common punkers The Outsiders or Q65, they’re just as capable of blasting out a fuzzed-out guitar riff, like the one in the opening title tune, reminding a bit of The Barbarians’ Hey Little Bird.

It’s True (I Need You) provides a more janglier kind of a beat, and Another Chance might be a reference point as good as any, for fans of Gouldman-nered melodies put through the contemporary freakbeat-ish grooves of The Embrooks or The Maharajas. The other one of the “b-sides” is a cover of We’ve Got A Groovy Thing Going, which all I can say about is that it’s one of my all time fave tunes, so there’s no way it can go wrong.

Just as I’m writing this, I’ve realised that their debut long player has also been released on Screaming Apple, which I can hardly wait to take a bite of.

[Released on Butterfly 2006]

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