Star Collector – Flash Arrows & The Money Shot

One thing that I’m sure about, is that this is a ROCK album!

Right from it’s very start it just ROCKS … in the most melodic way, combining the heavy and the sweet, not unlike their Canadian soulmates, Sloan, or Matthew Sweet, both of whom, in their search for inspiration, tend to jump back and forth between mid-to-end ‘60s melodies and early ‘70s crunch.

Another band, that might be a good reference point, because of their mutual idea of updating the vintage psych-pop sound (Firebird, Start To Shine, Your Defining Moment, Bounty On The Mutiny), are The Grip Weeds from New York, though it must be said, that Star Collecting sounds just as good when slowed down and with less volume (Gold (A Torch Song), Not Amused Anymore).

Even though recycling of the “defining moments” of either mid-to-end-sixties, early or late seventies or even some moderndaze sounds, could suggest “another pop cliché”, as they put it themselves in the closing tune, this must be another one of those that you can never get tired of!

[Released by Clockwise 2003]

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