The Stoneage Hearts – Stephanie

The Stoneage Hearts are something of a moderndaze version of that good ol’ “creamy”, powerhouse super-group trio concept.

In this case, it’s the Australian power-pop/garage scene’s all-star line up, consisting of Mickster on drums (Finkers, Pyramidiacs), Danny McDonald on guitars/lead vocals (P76, Jericho) and Ian Wettenhall (Hands of Time).

Therefore, the ‘Hearts’ sound captures the best of their previous experiences, going from the classic power-pop Chil-tones of the single’s a-side Stephanie, to the more garagey, farfi-sized, glam-orous approach on Looking Good and the cover of Bosstown’s Dawgs tune Little Too White.

I haven’t had the pleasure to hear their debut album (Turn On) on Off The Hip label, but this little piece of plastic implies one rawking pop record, that is definitely worth hearing …….. just like this one!

[Released by Pop The Balloon 2002]

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