The Badge – Calling Generation Mojo

The subtitle of the second album by this New York mod gang, files them under “’60s mod beat pop”, which is pretty close, though I’d also add a detail or two just to straighten things out, making it “LATE ‘60s POST-mod beat pop”.

An occasional re-arrangement of the words-schedule enables the latter to be applied to most of tracks, which is not a bad thing actually, because they manage to stay within the core of the concept, keeping your attention throughout the album.

Therefore, the opening title song IS the definition of the sound, continuing to “move” with the melodic heaviness of It Girl, even kinda recalling Roy Wood’s voice here and there, All For Love is a Lennonish late ‘60s psych and when they do digress a bit, they go towards the gentle, orchestrated folky love things like I’m Not Your Man or Together, with a slight resemblance to the My Back Pages melody.

Described as they are, the following references are kinda expected so, Dawning Of A New Day is like the Ocean Colour Scene playing a Gallagher-tune, Where Luv Will Take You is like late-Weller-getting-funky, while Shoot Me Down shows off some of his gentler, soulful side.

Also matching the concept are the two covers. Unusual as the pairing may sound, The Four Tops’ Reach Out I’ll Be There and ELO’s Telephone Line fit in just perfectly!

I’m gonna “wear” this badge proudly… which I suggest to all of you too!

[Released by Detour 2003]

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