Green Circles – Brass Knobs, Bevelled Edges

As I pointed out in the review of their debut, if you know your way through the usual modsyke related terminology, the name itself will give you a pretty clear idea of what this band is on about.

It’s just that this time the approach is even purer, leaving out the only ingredient that I disliked on the previous one, and it’s the ‘77-punky side.

The two dance-floor-stompin’ freakbeat-ish openers update the mid’60s garage sounds, spicing it with some frat-rocking vibe in Knee Jerk Reaction and early-‘70s Who-mor in Colour Me There.

You Think You Don’t Know takes a more melodic and janglier approach within the same time frame, not unlike it was done by ‘80s bands such as The Chills, they go slightlydelic with the Stone Rose-smell of Given Time, while Brown House In Stepney takes it back again, where The Small Faced cockney-ism meets the sunshiny harmony pop.

Closing the imaginary side 1 is Jasmine T, the rock operetta with it’s kaleidoscopic sound-mosaic and despite it’s LOVE-ly title, suggesting a bit darker bluesy theme, the next one, called Signed GC, is a countrified, sun-soaked, west-coast-ish acoustic jangle.

Black Vinyl Heart is a cool power-popin’ tune about a girl from the record-shop, with Chuck-les of vintage guitar licks and there’s also a bonus track, which is a live take on the previous album’s title track (NOT included on the mentioned album, funnily enough!).

I may be alone to think so, but because of it’s live-feel, the Bo-Diddley-beat variation and the less produced sound, I find it even more in accordance with the band’s overall concept … but then again, as I said, I may be alone to think so, cuz I guess there’s nothing wrong with trying to make the perfect balance between today and the times gone by … and maybe even future.

[Released by Off The Hip 2003]

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