Oliver Klaus – 1967-70

January 30, 2003 Garwood Pickjon 0

Pioneering the Canadian 2-track DIY aesthetics in 1969, Oliver Klaus’ self titled album is finally available again, after it’s initial 500 copies pressing, which was sold at the band’s gigs. The album is mostly referred […]


The Lambrettas – Da-a-a-ance

January 28, 2003 Garwood Pickjon 0

It seems that Sanctuary is joining the Detour label in it’s ’70-’80s MODerndaze revisionism. Though you can’t say that The Lambrettas’ back catalogue hasn’t been handled properly until now, it was about time for a […]


Various Artists – A View Of Our Dreams

January 26, 2003 Garwood Pickjon 0

It’s pretty hard to imagine that observing the international underground pop scene these days, “from a balcony” in Belgrade, Yugoslavia, could be nothing but an utopia. Well, all you need is a pair of melody-junkie-enthusiast, […]


Ash – Free All Angels

January 21, 2003 David M. Snyder 0

Third time the charm? Now on their third US label and once again having a one year gap between the release here and back in their home market. To compensate for the latter hindrance Kinetic […]

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