Tol-Puddle Martyrs – Time Will Come

Previously “doin’ time” as Peter & The Silhouettes, Peter Rechter and co. changed their name to The Tol-Puddle Martyrs, releasing two singles which must be among the defining moments of Aussie-rock.

Here, you’ll find both singles squeezed onto this piece of vinyl, making it one of THE re-releases of the year. There could be no proper explanation for the exclusion of at least one of the ’67 debut single’s sides on the Nuggets II set.

Time Will Come, with it’s rolling bass line and spooky organ screams, is an obvious, super commercial transglobal hit that never was, backed with an equally great Social Cell that will surely bring Yardbirds flash-Becks into your minds.

By the time of their second single in 1968, the ‘Martyrs had became far more melodic, shedding an evident Ray-of-light onto Love Your Life, which also adds some of the Stones-at-their-most-“colourful”, as well as a bit surprising For Your Love intro, and Nellie Bligh is a song that you wouldn’t mind hearing on any given “sunny afternoon”.

Though the band comes from across the ocean, they provide a perfect overview of the Swinging London sound. Complete with the liner notes by Ugly Things‘ editor Mike Stax and Lance Monthly columnist Beverly Patterson, you get another usual high class packaging, comin’ down the Misty Lane, making it look even better than the original … again, as usual.

[Released by Misty Lane 2003]

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