The Remains – The Remains

June 29, 2007 Garwood Pickjon 0

Gaining a reputation as for being “the most exciting American band of their time”, “joyously loud”, and even “so loud that that it often nears the threshold of pain”, or “the best curtain raisers” and […]


The Gurus – The Swing Of Things

June 27, 2007 Garwood Pickjon 0

No less than five years after their debut (with its expanded version re-released in the U.S.A. in 2004, also on Rainbow Quartz … reviewed elsewhere on these pages), what these Spanish Gurus are still on […]


Mod Fun – Now… And Again

June 26, 2007 Garwood Pickjon 0

Releasing their third (extra)longplayer, no less than 20 years after they’d offered anything new to the in-crowd these “Jersey-bred avatars of the ‘80s Garage/Cavestomp scene”, are ready and willing to have some more “mod fun”. […]


Mellowmen – Tomorrow’s Sounds Today

June 15, 2007 Garwood Pickjon 0

Even though “yesterday’s sound today” seems even more appropriate, one thing that’s sure about the sounds of Mellowmen, is that they’re timeless. Mostly drawing their inspiration from the many different moods of The Beatles, they […]


Mohair – Small Talk

June 14, 2007 Garwood Pickjon 0

The first time I consciously stumbled upon Mohair was on an IKON FOOTWEAR promo CD, along with a bunch of likeminded contemporary MODernists, and surprisingly enough, this was also when I realised that our previous […]