The Embrooks – Yellow Glass Perspections

As from their second long playing release (Our New Day on Voxx), as well as through a bunch of single/EP releases since then, The Embrooks are sticking to their newfound path of post-mod-freakbeat-psych buzz.

As heard right from the very start in Happy Fickle Girl, with an opening that suggests that “back in their minds”, it’s all happening not only “10 years time ago”, but at least 40!

Emilia Burrows follows a similar formula, The Twisted Musings Of Sir Dempster P.Orbitron (Deceased) (how can you not love this before even hearing it?!) is like the Marriott fronted ‘68-Small Faces rawk-out, and equally heavy is the Shazam-era Move-ment of Nothing’s Gonna Work, while Show Me A Little Smile is exactly what you will do after hearing the song’s jazzy baroque popsike arrangement.

Included in it’s entirety is the self-released Back In My Mind EP with (Roy)Wood-en melody of the title tune, and yet another Wood-en connection through The Time Was Wrong, which is kinda like a harder “creation” of For All That I Am, appropriately followed with A Note In My Drawer with the new version taking the power-chord pop-artistry a few years further, towards the heavier ‘69/’70-vibe.

The choice of covers on The Embrooks’ releases never stops to amaze me, so along with Mike Stuart Span’s Children Of Tomorrow from the mentioned EP, we get Gary Walker & The Rain’s Francis, Turnstyle’s Riding A Wave and The Attack’s Fell Like Flying, all put through the “yellow glass” Embrook-style!

[Released by Munster 2004]

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