The Scope – Ain’t No Scoop

About a year ago when I first listened to the demo versions of (most) of these tunes, I must say that I was a bit disappointed, having in mind the band’s previous releases under the snappy Bang! name.

Even though I still regret the name change, it’s only now that I realize the progress they’ve made. While remaining true to the initial concept of perfect little pieces of audio pop-artistry (Closet Pop Star, Ain’t No Scoop), what they do add is a bit of a punch and some blue eyed soul vocal deliveries, courtesy of longtime Bang!/Scope drummer Erwan, showing off his newborn abilities.

Easily jumping from Marriott/Winwood-like shouts to a bit gentler croon, that will take you down the Ronnie lane, as heard in the otherwise quirky Who-’67 workout called The Boy With The Doll (the supposed debut 7” release, coupled with either the title tune – which I strongly recommend – or the one called Yeah!).

Another one that should soon see an official release is the cover of Action Woman, given the post-mod heavy Britsike treatment, not unlike it could’ve been done by their English soulmates, the mighty Embrooks. This one is planned for the forthcoming Tribute To The Pebbles comp, due out soon, supported by the French Anteenagers MC gang.

The Scope is still looking for a label to release the mentioned debut single, so everyone out there, take good notice and make sure that there “IS Scoop’n’Scope”after all!!!

[Self-released 2004]

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