Bored Youth – November – 1981

September 18, 2013 Lenny Helsing 0

A young US group formed to kick out the jams, following in the fine tradition that Britain’s The Damned, The Clash and America’s Dead Boys, and Dead Kennedys had earlier found success with. Set in […]


The Wicked Whispers – Voodoo Moon

August 13, 2013 Lenny Helsing 0

Once again a sense of tension and mild unease has been created around guitarist / vocalist Mike Murphy’s dramatic, slightly askew pop concoctions, and (collectively) the group’s oddly-alluring, decidedly left-of-centre melodies. This is perhaps not […]


The Waistcoats – Stop Your Talking All The Time

February 17, 2009 Garwood Pickjon 0

The German Beatschaffe label couldn’t have chosen a better debut. Feeling perfectly comfortable within the label’s concept of analogue live-in-the-studio-2-track-reel-to-reel-no-overdubs (mostly 1-take)recordings, the moderndaze Dutchbeatsters Waistcoats, deliver another set of mind-blowing mid-60’s-influenced sounds, with all […]


The Higher State – And In Time

October 6, 2007 Garwood Pickjon 0

Continuing their joint jangly trip towards the higher spheres of mid’60s garage punk folkydelia, started out way back in the early ‘90s, while they were considered to be Mystreated, “from ‘round here” Martin and Mole […]

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