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Davy Jones [1945-2012]

February 29, 2012 Lars Wenker 0

Actor and musician Davy Jones has died on Wednesday morning of a heart attack in Indiantown, Florida at the age of 66. Jones (born December 30, 1945, in Manchester, England) was best known as a […]


Tio I Pop!

February 17, 2012 Lars Wenker 0

These three videos are all taken from the movie Tio I Pop! This short movie was directed by Ragnar Frisk in 1965. The recordings were made (playback) at Nalen in Stockholm. The whole 16 minutes […]

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February 14, 2012 Hans Olofsson 0

Too Late For The Byrds, Too Early For R.E.M. Some heroes end up on the popcharts, some end up in a pop dictionary, some get a page in some small fanzine. Then there’s the group […]

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Richard Snow – I’m On My Way

February 11, 2012 Lars Wenker 0

Richard Snow is a singer songwriter born and brought up in Nottingham in England. He used to be a member in the band Enellen, and a couple of other bands, in the 1990’s. He now […]

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Besides Those Beatles

February 9, 2012 Gary Pig Gold 1

You know what I was doing precisely forty-eight years ago, February 9? Sitting far too close in front of my family’s Zenith television, bouncing up and down to the hitherto-unheard – not to mention utterly […]


They ain’t heavy….

February 8, 2012 Gary Pig Gold 1

Never as naughty as the Rolling Stones, nor as pin-up perfect as Herman’s Hermits; seldom as musically adventurous as the Yardbirds, nitty-gritty as the Animals, or full-on bombastic as The Who. Of course, as truly […]

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