The Hep Stars – It’s Been A Long Time

The Hep Stars with It’s Been A Long Time written by Benny Andersson and Lasse Berghagen. Yes, that Benny of later ABBA fame (you’ll see him here in the black coat). This video clip is taken from the movie Åsa Nisse och den stora kalabaliken [1968]. I chose not to comment this movie any further…

Of interest is that the album It’s Been A Long Time was produced by Steve Clark who had earlier worked with Curt Boettcher in the company Our Productions. For which Boettcher wrote songs and worked as a producer. Having now gone separated ways Clark was eager in including Boettcher’s songs on the album as he co-own the publishing rights.

That’s how the Swedish audience first heard songs like Another Time (Sagittarius), 5 A.M. (The Millennium), Spinning, Spinning, Spinning (The Ballroom) (to name a few) as they haven’t been released here yet. Add to that Tommy Roe’s It’s Now Winters Day and the Association’s Enter The Young and you have what could have been a wonderful sunshine pop album. Unfortunately it wasn’t. Neither artistic or commercially for Hep Stars or for Curt Boettcher who never saw a dollar from these recordings.


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