The Stoneage Hearts – Guilty As Sin

Any band that covers The Creation on their album gets my highest praises even before I hear it! I mean, come on … with a taste like that, how can their music be anything but great?!?!

With the ‘Hearts, it was just a question of where will the change of their singer/guitarist lead them. With Dom Mariani now playing the role, it all went naturally, towards the very root of the “stem”, dropping the power-pop half (featured during the Danny McDonald line-up), in favour of the complete glammy sixteez garage experience.

As current faves, I’d mention Your Greed, the powered up Spencer Davies Group with extra harmonies, the “pretty” frantic freakbeat of Green With Envy, the moody garage psych of Trouble Girl, that could’ve come from the pen of either Sean Boniwell or Wayne Proctor, and there’s also Sick Of You, suggesting that the one he’s sick of, might be Suzy Q.

Besides these, adding to the diversity of sounds, there’s the MotorCity-driven bubblegum trash of Rock’n’roll Boys And Rock’n’roll Girls, the equally “chewy” punk of the appropriately titled Someone Else’s Bubblegum, or the Diddley-beat-en I’m For You, and in the end … Biff Bang Pow!, which says it all actually!

[Released by Off The Hip 2004]

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