The Insomniacs- Switched On!

It seems that in the last couple of years The Insomniacs were pretty successful in their fight against insomnia, but now they’re “switched on” again, delivering twelve “uppers” that will keep you up all night … and day!

In the good old-fashioned way, they stay true to the mid’60s inspired mod-ish freakbeat sound, takin’ slight detours towards Beatlepsych (Somewhere), sitar-driven raga (Leave), or throwing in some monster garage fuzz (Maryanne Lightly, She’s A Mess)

And even a “Stone” or two (Upandaway), while The Pudding Club might be one of the best Prisoners track they’ve never recorded. On the lighter note, the beat-pop of It’s Gone shows the way to the Zombie-heaven and the closing track Tomorrow, is a beautiful eastern-tinged ballad.

So, if you happen to be an insomniac yourself, even though it will be hard to resist, maybe you should keep away from this one, because it won’t help you fall to sleep that’s for sure.

[Released by Estrus 2004]

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