Bob Ponton – One Of Those Days

I’m sure not many of you are familiar with the name of Bob Ponton, but those with Electric Sugar Cube Flashbacks or Fading Yellow comps in their racks are most certainly aware of his involvement in Pandamonium and Thoughts And Words, and therefore of his contribution to British psychedelic music of the ‘60s. This however, is collection of his most recent home recordings, all of them in a basic demo form, of which there’s at least a few that I’d love to hear being given a proper full band treatment.

Most of the content fits the Thoughts And Words’ down to earth, folky approach (minus multiple vocal harmonies), some of them strongly reminiscent of Fred Neil to these ears, with occasional more lysergic moments, which aren’t too hard recognize from the song titles themselves (Colours Unknown). In spite of being an entertaining listen on it’s own right, I still don’t think this will be of too much interest for anyone else besides the already declared Pandamonium-and-related fans.

[Released by Erebus 2009]

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