The Midways – Manners, Manners

Not unlike their Canuck soul mates, and one of the forefathers of the genre itself The Gruesomes, The Midways don’t seem to give a s*** for jumping on the passing garage-punk revival bandwagon in any of the known commercial ways, sticking to it’s purest, raw’n’nasty form.

In spite of most of the content being band originals (two, most appropriate, covers included are The Pretties’ E.S.P. and The Rooks’ A Girl Like You), anyone looking for some new ways of providing the old ways should look somewhere else.

Sure nuff, the usual Kinky riff-le is mandatory, being mostly organ-driven (Vox Continental, as far as I’m concerned) genre defining “sonic” take on the matter, as suggested by the very opening pair of Just My Kind and She Gives It Up and later on by No Thanks For Nothing.

Not being too far from the same formula, while taking a bit more basic, though still unconventional enough, r’n’b approach, Stuck In My Head, Have Your Way, She Loves Me or Looking For Someone all sound “pretty” freaky, with only The More You Take getting just a bit closer to the early sixties’ still-not-too-mutated form, while Born Full Grown takes an in-Prisoned ballsy Medway-by-way-of-Midway-way, that is sure to please the fans of Jarvis Humby.

As suggested by the press release, nothing much to be added than “wig it and dig, kids!”

[Released by Screaming Apple 2007]

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