The Krinkles – 3 The Mordorlorff Collection

Having spent more than 25 years being a geeky record collector and a (over)passionate fan, with the good portion of the last 10 years or so, being dedicated (among other things) to power-pop and all kinds of it’s subgenres, I must admit that lately I got quite choosy when it gets to the latter.

In spite of always being all up for hearing a good power-chord-laden melody, with my foot tapping along most of them, the thing is that there’s not too much of it that I’m eager to hear more than once….. unless there’s an extra little something to it, which I’m not always able to put my finger on.

As for The Krinkles, I listened to their first two albums pretty much at the beginning of the above mentioned decade, and in spite of me being quite excited about them back then, I wasn’t really sure if it could be the case this time around….. which it isn’t, even though this one seems better than both of the previous ones….

BUT, there’s at least five tracks within which I CAN put my finger on a couple of those “extra little something’s”, which made me hit the “repeat” button over and over, such as the glam’n’glitter sparkles of Best Friend and Gimme Gimme, the irresistible “yeah yeah yeahs” and the early’70s-‘Stoned-into-your-Faces riffs of Sweet On You, or the powered up hook-laden Mersey flavour of Friday Night and I Want You, with the latter also throwing in a harp blow or two, which, in my case, is usually enough to get me caught.

Excuse me while I push “repeat” again … and in the meantime, don’t wait for me to go on convincing you, but get this yourself, have your own feet tap along, and make a decision of your own.

[Released by Mordorlorff Music 2007]

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