The Eddies – Twice Around The World

Making a perfect sequel to their Modern Music For Modern Times EP from a year and a half ago (reviewed elsewhere around these pages), this is where you get not only twice, but thrice as much mod revival covers from around the world.

The three EP entries are all here (Squire’s Debbie Jones, The Risk’s Good Times and The Jet Set’s Colour My World), and with the usual knob-twiddling and drumstick handling help of Earle Mankey, the American Hoth twins deliver another set of just as genuinely Brit-sounding, powered-up and skinny-tied mod items, such as yet another Risk number (Good Together), a pair scheduled for the forthcoming Manual Scan/Shambles tribute album (Don’t Know Where To Start, Jungle Beat), along with the genre defining “creation” by Ed Ball and The Times ().

I’d like to think that my own plea, from the above mentioned Modern Music … review, to lose the “so-modern-it’s-not-MOD-ern-at-all” bass guitar featured on it’s cover art, is the actual reason why this time around Dean is holding a MUCH appropriate Vox bass (or at least a nice imitation of one) 🙂

[Released by Twist 2008]

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