Bronco Bullfrog – The Sidelong Glances Of A Pigeon Kicker

Every album by Bronco Bullfrog makes me believe that there could be no way of making it better than it is. But … here they are again with their vintage sounding technicolor power-pop, pulling just the right strings and pushing the boundaries way beyond expectations.

It was only a matter of time when they will get to face their musical destiny in the shape of Liam Watson’s Toe Rag studio, which they do now, and the result is fascinating! The latest technicolor sound-palette opens with the Kinky storytelling-concept as if played by Badfinger, called Barnaby Slade.

Tea And Sympathy is a ballad that I can almost imagine Rod the mod taking to No.1 all over the world, probably with a weaker version, which is followed by an escapistic audio statement called Look At Me, sounding like a Leeds version of an unreleased Who ’65 tune with Andy takin’ his drums over the “moon” and, as usual, vocal harmonies all over the place.

Stig’s Not Dead, indeed, well at least spiritually, since this is an authentic fab-four/sixty-four piece with a “superfine” line separating it from fellow popster Rick Gallego.

I’m not sure if it’s the same Wally in Wally’s Dream and the one that I got in mind while listening to the Raspberry-flavoured power chords, but it must be at least an unconscious inspiration, which brings us to an extremely conscious inspiration at the end of the album, takin’ us on a sweet Honeybus ride through the “sweetest stories” told by Pete Dello and co.

[Released by Mushroom Pillow 2002]

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