The Urges – Psych Ward

Coming from one of “them” old Irish garages, I was kind of expecting for The Urges to be more of a children of Nuggets II, while instead, they seem to take the other way round, opting for the initial concept, as conceived on the other side of the ocean, sticking to the British mid’60s sounds only as much as suggested by the original nuggets themselves.

Opening with a pair of organ-driven fuzz stompers by way of The Fuzztones, I was almost about to say that my own “urge” to hear this long-playing debut isn’t going to be fulfilled as expected, but then comes the Seedy, almost surf-ish psychedelic jangle of It Ain’t Right, suddenly making it all worthwhile.

The surf-like jangle seems to be poping up quite often actually, but only as a back up for snarly Van/Jagger/Aguillar impersonations, as already done by older like-mynded soulmates such as Greg Prevost or Edgar Summertyme, as heard in The Urges Theme, or the Eastern-tinged Curse It All.

The same snarly growls, occasionally interrupted by a scream or two, worthy of Gerry Roslie’s most primal ones, are to be heard throughout the rest of the album as well, with the back up moving along from the punk-ish Stones-through-ChocWatchband sounds of You Don’t Look So Good, I Gotta Wait or the title tune, steppin’ on another, just as familiar stone of So Uptight, to the moodier, and appropriately psychedelic The 13th Floor, which is exactly where it’s about to take you.

Obviously, it’s all too derivative … and all too beautiful for that matter.

[Released by Screaming Apple 2007]

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