Brilliant Fanzine – Then Comes Monday

At least destined to become a feature in a certain indie-pop focused “brilliant fanzine” in the near future, these Aussie popsters release their longplaying debut, after an EP two years ago gaining them “the next big thing” tag on the continent.

Steeped in the legacy of classic pop songwriting of the previous four decades, the one common denominator that comes to mind most often, is the Carnival Of Light-era Ride, after they’d stopped gazing at their shoes, and switched of (or at least turned down) the distortions, replacing them with more (semi)acoustic based arrangements, backing the same dreamy multilayered vocal harmonies. While “riding” this particular kind of a sound, of course there’s quite a few other references that you’ll hear poping up throughout the (almost) fourty minutes.

One of them is the Zombies-kind of a sophistication of the opening Change For You and One In 10,000, the Byrds-like notorious psychedelicacy of Would We Go Back, the backward-loops of When It’s Through, It’s Gone, reminding of The Stone Roses’ way of doing it, or the West Coast-ish harmonizing heard in a similiar kind of a ride of Come Up And See Me, that happens to be more Cosmic and Rough, while the acoustic based Make It Yourself is pretty close to what The Sundays might’ve sounded like with a male vocalist.

If these seem like your own way of spending a weekend, you won’t find the coming Monday so welcome, but then again, just like it always does, the weekend will come back like a Pop Boomerang!

[Released by Pop Boomerang 2007]

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