The Five Aces – Shout & Shimmy

Having been focused on investigating the boogaloo standpoint of dancefloors during the last couple of years as, appropriately enough, The Boogaloo Investigators, this Glaswegian combo decides to shout out a thing or two more that is sure to make you shimmy!!!

Besides another soulful pair, just as perfectly fitting into the blue-eyed Stax vax (You Just Can’t Lose, I’m Gonna Do It By Myself), what they seem to stick to most firmly, is a white-boy take on the Chess-flavoured r’n’b, as heard in Fire Drill Suite, as well as New Blues-loving Number with it’s distinctive Butterfield-like drive, or the opening Kick The Bucket, borrowing a bit of the Ain’t Got You vibe, while the album closer Coming Home, does exactly that, taking things back to Britain, with it’s Bluesbreakin’ Clapton feel.

Rooted within the same basis, with just a slight detour or two, are Movin’ On, throwing in some jazzy groove, that would’ve easily get the in-crowds of early ‘60s Flamingo hooked up in no time, with it’s vocal delivery being a kind of a grittier Georgie Fame, and there’s also an equally jazzy, almost Cab Calloway-like piece of 4:30 swagger called One Dying Fish.

Shout, shimmy or boogaloo, it’s all ace to me!

[Released by Saagaloo 2007]

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