The Holdens – Do It Right!

The story of these Spanish garage beatsters is a rather unfortunate one. Just as the sessions for the album were getting to an end, according to the band itself, the label “disappeared” before its actual release.

Now, after almost three years that the recordings have been held back, they decided to take the master to the printing plant themselves, finally delivering limited editions of both vinyl and CD. If you’re a fan of mid’60s garage punk recycling, and feel like dancing to it until your Cuban heels get completely worn out, get ready for 27+ minutes of shake, shimmy and stomp craze, because they “do it right”!

Up to the standards of older soulmates like The Chesterfield Kings, The Stems or The Cynics, The Holdens provide us with ten originals, using all the usual ingredients such as snotty growls, fuzzy leads, Kinky riffs, teen-punk jangle and organ screams, displaying the fact that they learned their lesson well, from both the above mentioned like-minded revivalists, as well as the originators themselves.

[Released by Animal 2007]

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