The Stoneage Hearts – Turn On

As I’ve already said in the review of their recent single release on Pop The Balloon, The Stoneage Hearts seem like something of a moderndaze version of the good ol’ “creamy”, powerhouse super-group trio concept, featuring an Aussie all-star line up, consisting of Mickster on drums (Finkers, Pyramidiacs), Danny McDonald on guitars/lead vocals (P76, Jericho) and Ian Wettenhall (Hands Of Time).

I guess that this power-pop-“music machine’s” album title is no coincidence, because, amongst the super-melodic outbursts (So Glad (That You’re Gone), Long Way To Your Heart) that would’ve fit among The Finkers’ and P76’s brightest moments, there’s also enough mid-sixteez garage punk (Wish You Were Mine, 185 Gipps), with some extra volume and an occasional Farfisa-tion and wailin’ harp-screams, contributing to the songs’ origins.

Besides these, there’s a Slade-ish GLAMour heard in Kimberly and some popsike vibe, with lotsa harmonies in Outside, as well as a coupla well chosen covers, continuing the power-pop/garage mixture, including Paul Collins’ Rock ‘n’ Roll Gurls or The Zippers’ I’m In Love.

You can almost feel the amount of fun they had while recording this album, and it spreads like a disease …. give yourself up!

[Released by Off The Hip 2002]

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