The Luck Of The Eden Hall – When The Clock Starts To Wake Up We Go To Sleep

Just looking at the cover drawing of this album is an experience psychedelic enough, but those of you who make it to the listening part itself, is likely to find themselves floating through tangerine coloured haze on the back of a marshmallow cloud. Some of the reference points from the press release, such as Jane’s Addiction, Porcupine Tree or Screaming Trees, might be audible across a distant horizon of this musical trip, but it’s the genre defining, quintessentially British sounding late’60s psych that I’m hearing the most.

Doesn’t the album title itself sound like something the Blossom Toes might’ve released between their two records? And couldn’t have song titles like Cinnamon Mary And Her Skeleton Cane, Sister Strange And The Stuffed Furry Things or All Else Shall Be Added Unto You graced the back cover of this same release? As for the songs themselves, some of the already mentioned, along with Marcy Ann’s Dressed In Peace or Bus Stop Daisy would’ve made a perfect Britsike Rubble volume. On a more contemporary side of things, this should make waiting for another Bevis Frond or Lucky Bishops album much easier.

[Released by Myopic 2009]

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