Magic Bus – Lost In Circles

If you’re looking for a place to fulfil your mod/psych fantasies, this is just the right bus stop for you. Get your ticket at the Bip Bip desk and the Magic Bus is sure to take you on a musical mystery tour that will keep you comin’ back.

First of all, how could you ever ignore a band called like this?!?! … it’s the one that perfectly captures the time travel you’re about to experience. The trip starts with the “mod-band-about-to-turn-psych” sound, seen through the “mind’s eye” of The Small Faces and ready to take “all or nothing”, all tied with some Moon-iacal drum rolls, and to make things complete, there’s even an “afterglow” fade out.

Turn Around In Circles is an unusualy melodic “Taxman-riff” exploitation, turning the initial nervous mood into a gentle sounding, mid-tempo tune, with a “deaf-dumb ‘n’ blind” instrumental intermission, to justify the band name.

Magic Bus – Lost In CirclesIf it’s still not good enough for you, (which I doubt !!!) maybe you can try and take the Magic Potion to help you through, which is actually a nice cover-choice of the Open Mind’s psych-classic-that-never-was, and an apropriate intro to the sitar-lead way to Let Your Soul Run Free, with the impeccable three-part harmony layers against the overall eastern influence.

The magic Bus is on the roll! Don’t get away too far from the stop, cuz we’re hoping for the next one soon, hopefuly it will be a long destination trip …

[Released by Bip Bip 2002]

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