Jim Basnight – Not Changing (CD)

Jim Basnight – Not Changing

Jim Basnight’s long line of business as songsmith and recording artist began in 1977 with the debut single Live In the Sun. He then fronted The Moberlys and also released an impressive song catalogue in his own name; Introducing Jim Basnight [Precedent Records, 2012] being the latest album. Until now, that is. His new one, Not Changing, contains 14 easily accessible and well-crafted songs that range from the delicate Having Fun to the hard driving Big Bang. You can be sure that all tracks have a vibrating pop nerve and crispy sound as common denominator.

Moreover, we hope that Jim’s previous covers earlier found only on scattered records (for instance: The Sonics’ Cinderella – B-side to I Want To Be Yours (1983) – and You Showed Me on a tribute album to Gene Clark) will be added with unreleased ones, so that the unconfirmed Cover Songs Album can be put together really soon.

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