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Ten You May Have Missed In 2008

September 19, 2013 Gary Pig Gold 0

It surely was one of those years, wasn’t it? And I may not just be speaking musically either. For example, two blasts from the distant past (Simply Saucer and, yes, Percy “Thrills” Thrillington) resurfaced after […]

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Ten You May Have Missed In 2005

July 12, 2013 Gary Pig Gold 0

Assuming everyone can manage to pry Big Star’s In Space outta their ears for a moment or two, may I then suggest (in strictly alphabetical order, of course)… COL. KNOWLEDGE & THE LICKITY-SPLITS Fall In […]

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Noughtie Top Twenty-One

January 4, 2012 Gary Pig Gold 0

Despite an alarming amount of critical mass to (and by) the contrary, there truly was much, much more worth hearing this decade just past than those big Big Star, Beatle, Bob Dylan and even Neil […]


Frank Lee Sprague – Cavern

December 28, 2005 Garwood Pickjon 0

Expectedly so, the Mersey-Texan Frank Lee Sprague, continues exactly where he’d left off with the previous album Merseybeat, all soaked up in the Star-Club/Cavern sweat. Doing note-perfect impersonations of songs that both Paul and John […]