The Shazam – Tomorrow The World

Once again produced by THE man-about-sound, Brad Jones, here’s more POWER chords, multiplex harmonies and songs that will make you shout SHAZAM(!!!), either if you’re a Captain Marvel or The Move fan.

Besides the sweet, irresistible melodies, The Shazam always knew how to rawk hard, and this one’s even harder than ever, starting out with the essence of rock’n’roll called Rockin’ And Rollin’ With My Rock’n’Roll Rock’n’Roller which could’ve just as well been the ultimate ’70s song title, by what could easily be the ultimate ’70s rock band.

It’s just that it’s all hardly happening in the ’70s, cuz we’re talking about what could easily be the ultimate rockin’ pop (or the other way ’round) moderndaze band ….. oh, and the song could easily be the ultimate ‘Stones ’70s song they’ve never recorded.

In the mentioned good ol’ ’70s fashion, the boys also know how to boogie, as heard in Goodbye American Way, or to make it easy, like in the in the Macca-like verses of Not Lost Anymore.

Of course, what always made them one of THE power pop bands around, is that marriage of glammy noise and catchy melodies, chockfull of hooks, that will grab you as soon as you hear Fallin’ All Around Me, the Leeds-era Who-mour of Turnaround, the happy-go-lucky vibe of Squeeze The Day (not unlike the one of, what I consider to be Shazam’s British soulmates, Dodgy) or You Know Who and Nine Times.

There’s also a tune called Getting Higher, so they’re getting higher at least in some way , though the one place where they should be on the top is the chart(s)!

As for yourselves, you’ll get high all right ….. and you don’t need no drug other than The Shazam!

[Released by Not Lame 2003]

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