The Risk – Songs From The Big Tomato

There are lots of come-back albums lately. Most of them make no sense, but this one, had it stayed in the vaults and considering the songs on it, would make the pop world a much poorer place.

Just like the majority of bands in the eighties labeled as mod/retro, The Risk covered a much wider soundscape, which is also the case with their latest release. The songs fulfiling those modernistic expectations, carried on the “new-waves”, complete with some soulful kicks of the horn-section, are the funky opening Shoot From The Top, as well as Should Have Known Better and the ideal all-nighter intro Weekend.

Atmosphere catches that familiar late-Small Faces, heavy popsyke vibe, reminiscent of Song Of A Baker, Mary comes as an example of a distinctively British sounding musical “madness”, and Justify features some baggy-hammond organ-isation.

Two personal faves of mine are the classic late ’70s power-pop tale of a groupie, appropriately titled I’m With The Band, and the infectiously melodic jangle of Indiana Sunrise.

As a bottom line, all I can say is that there’s not even a trace of a “risk” if you decide to take The Risk.

[Released by Twist 2002]

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