The Jigsaw Seen – We Women

One look at the Harvest-label designed CD is suggestive enough and the reason for it becomes clear after the first coupla notes of the acoustic-backed sitar line, leading towards an acid/psych/weird/prog-folk, or whatever tags there are, thought of by someone trying to describe similar end-of-the‘60s sounds.

This doesn’t really seem surprising, since the genre had already been explored to some extent on the Zenith album (I’m With You, When You’re Pretty – this would be a perfect title for this single!-, If My Eyes Offend You).

Not to make too much of a digression after an album made entirely of super-cool covers (Songs Mama Used To Sing), the title tune isn’t really a cover, but it sure tastes like an “electric banana”, coming from some secret S.F.Sorrow vaults, to be followed with the cover of one of the least “pretty” sounding ones, from the mentioned album (Loneliest Person).

Though none of them are exactly what you’d call “over-produced”, the other “B-side” (live take of a new song) sounds like its only halfway to its intended form, which does seem promising, but I guess we’ll have to wait for the long-playing experience to prove it.

[Released by Vibro-Phonic 2004]

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