The Anderson Council – Coloursound

Hey hipsters, this is The Anderson Council!!!” …

goes the intro of The Coke Jingle that can really make you LOVE that drink no matter what you thought of it before you hear this, and then it continues

… singin’ to you ’bout that taste that you’ll never gonna forget!” …

though it’s more about the SOUND that will stick in the back of your mind forever! If you feel like a Carnaby hipster, lost in time, this just for you, cuz this album sounds like the British chart ca ’66/’67, even though there’s no doubt that it’s a contemporary record.

There’s even a tune called Never Stop Being ’67 but, production wise (courtesy of the Reil brothers), they really manage to step out of the time-machine, combining the best parts of the two decades.

The Anderson Council - ColoursoundTo make things even more authentic, front man Peter Horvath sings with pure British accent, reminding us of some of The Small Faces cockney work-outs (Blackboard Of Your Mind) or “something else” that Ray Davies wrote but forgot to put on a tape (So In Love With You Girl).

There’s also the quirky sounding Brit-psyke with “la la la’s” ready to “sell out” called Poppies, Pansies And Tea and also some more funny Who-ish backing vocals incorporated with the power-pop under the Feet Of The Guru.

Another vocal highlight is the mantra-like, repetitive chorus of the “slightlydelic” Hole In The Sky, while Sitting On A Cloud revolves around Revolver sound, making you really feel like “your feet hang down” from a cloud.

Another British invasion, but this time it’s from the inside?!

[Released by Sinclair 2001]

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