Powerhouse – Powerhouse

I’m not sure about Japan, but unlike the title implies, there sure wasn’t anything new about this kind of a blues in ’69 Europe or America. Unfortunately, the fact that the album comprises of 8 covers of widely known tunes of the period, doesn’t really make the whole thing more interesting. However, there IS a couple of things I might as well mention, that could still make you want to hear/get this.

The first thing that grabs the attention, is the cover shot of the fourpeace in full on dandy regalia, looking just like you’d want your favourite band to look like. The second one is the fact that Powerhouse feature the Japanese guitar-hero Shinki Chen, which would be of interest to some Japrock collectors, and some of you might also find it interesting to hear an almost unrecognizable version of Back In The USSR, turned into an almost conventional slow blues. I won’t be getting back to this one too often, but I’m kinda glad I stumbled upon it after all.

[Released by Erebus 2009]

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