Mallrats – Fall In Love All Over Again With…

If you can imagine what would it sound like to team up two fellow Sacramento acts, Lou Christie and Public Nuisance, you’ll be pretty close to the sound produced by this latest Sacramentan mod sensation … close but not exactly at it.

Anyway, I hope you get the picture, which is classic power-chord mod aesthetics, against the sweet mid-to-end-’60s melodies, as heard in A Girl Like You, I’d Be Impressed or I Need You So.

They “fight their way against the low” throughout Everytime You Open Your Mouth (You Break My Heart) and, though I am a great fan of the same titled Merseys’ classic, I’m also sure that the Rickenbacker jangle of The Mallrats’ own Sorrow would’ve done even better, had it been released instead.

On a more contemporary side, they’re surfin’ the power-pop new waves through the songs like All For You, Baby Take Me Back and Coming Back To California, which is also embellished with some, kinda expected, west-coast harmonies.

Keeping the short-sharp-smart formula, it’s all over in a little more than half-an-hour, but you’ll want to start “all over again” anyway.

[Released by Screaming Apple 2003]

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