Honeybus – Story

As put in the liners by the main contemporary Honeybus chauffeur Andy Morten, “time has been very kind” to these forever tagged “one hit wonders”. In spite of this being at least the fifth time (that I’m aware of) that this Story is being re-told, it seemed kind of obligatory for it to get the Rev-Ola-utionary, and therefore the ultimate treatment as well. As usual, the regular album is expanded with all the classic Deram single sides, none of which needs further introduction to the Shindig in-crowd.

For those just about to jump the ‘bus, the soundtrack to your ride will range from an exemplary baroque-pop ((Do I Figure) In Your Life, I Can’t Let Maggie Go, Story, I Remember Caroline), through fuzz-laden bluesy freakbeat (The Breaking Up Scene, Throw My Love Away), or Badfinger-like power-pop punch (Fresher Than The Sweetness In Water, She’s Out There), to harmony-drenched popsike (How Long, Under The Silent Tree), or even rootsy Americana (Would You Believe, Ceilings No.1).

[Released by Rev-Ola 2008]

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