Anton Barbeau – Kenny vs. Thrust (CD)

Anton Barbeau – Kenny vs. Thrust

Anton Barbeau‘s discography contains more than 20 albums, released from 1993 onwards. Toiling Big Stir Records is surely very proud to announce the release of Anton Barbeau’s latest album: Kenny vs. Thrust. The title tells the names of the two separate bands that Anton is backed up by. As for the content, it is best described as experimental pop with a psychedelic twist a là Cambridge. The album consists of new versions of a selection of songs from his entire career.

If you are into Scott Miller’s Loud Family and Robyn Hitchcock’s Soft Boys – Anton Barbeau has collaborated with both – Kenny vs. Thrust should be something for you to explore. Try Popsong 99 or Clean Clothes In A Dirty Bag to get a notion of what’s up.

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