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Allen Clapp – Interview

July 20, 2016 Fredrik Magnusson 0

During the recording of your last album some people left the band. Did you consider breaking up the band then? How did that affect you? – The making of So Far was very difficult. It […]


Joe Algeri – The Serial interview

November 19, 2015 Lars Wenker 0

Tell us about your musical background. – I’m a self-taught singer/song-writer/guitarist (oh what a cliché!) My first instrument was the piano-accordion at 8 or 9 years of age, I really hated it. At what point […]

Articles (English)

The Clash – Joe Strummer interview

August 21, 2015 Lennart Persson 0

[Scroll down for an English translation of this interview with Joe Strummer. Today he would have been 63 years old.] Utdrag ur ett samtal med Joe Strummer. Esso Motorhotell, Kungens Kurva, den 15 juni 1977. […]

Articles (English)

Richard Snow – I’m On My Way

February 11, 2012 Lars Wenker 0

Richard Snow is a singer songwriter born and brought up in Nottingham in England. He used to be a member in the band Enellen, and a couple of other bands, in the 1990’s. He now […]