The Mr. T Experience – …And The Women Who Love Them – Special Addtition

This is a collection of the detritus of the Mark II edition (three-piece version) of MTX. (See the CD of Big Black Bugs Bleed Blue Blood for the Mark I edition.)

Besides the EP from which the title is taken from it includes various seven-inch, comp. and unreleased tracks from the period 1993 to ’97, twenty-five in all.

Though done under varying conditions, and in short bursts, there is a nice sense of coherence here. Due to everything being produced by Kevin Army or Dr. Frank’s slightly sour vocals and his tendency towards tales of angst, bile and/or regret (a guy after my own heart) wrapped in little pop nuggets, it’s your call.

The Mr. T Experience -  …And The Women Who Love Them – Special AddtitionIt runs through the highly revved (I Believe In You, We Are The Future People Of Tomorrow & You Alone) to the solo-with-acoustic-guitar (Now That You Are Gone, How’d The Date End? & As Life Goes On, You Get More And More Out Of It), even binding the wide ranging selection of covers (Unpack Your Adjectives [Schoolhouse Rock], Is There Something I Should Know [Duran Duran], Whistle Bait [?], Crash [Primitives (‘90s UK)] & Don’t Go Breakin’ My Heart [Elton John & Kiki Dee (as played by Kim Shattuck)].

At the end is the most involved and mainstream Pop-Rock song possibly ever to come from Dr. Frank’s pen, I Was Losing You All Along. It rocks and it swings, with an early ‘70s So. Cal. lilt in the chorus (early Poco?), an amped, treated call-and-response bit in the bridge and some very sweet organ threaded throughout — Beachwood Sparks would kill for a song like this.

[Released by Lookout! 2002]

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