The Grains – Just Our Flame

According to their own origin, this Italian bunch of mop-topped beatsters, usually finds themselves halfway between Euro-freakbeat and a tad rawer American garage punk, throwing around pebbles’n’rubbles’n’grains.

Alternatively, with the resulting sound mostly being reminiscent of the Swedish retro-ists such as The Strollers or The Creeps, (Tell Me Something, title song, Not My Fault…), or in some cases, when the Brit-sound seems a bit more apparent, recalling another group of soulmates, The Embrooks (Brand New Girl, Sofa Tiger).

Surprisingly enough, while throwing in some of the Byrdsy 12-string jangle that is sure to make you “feel a whole lot better” in They’ve Got a Gun, they come out sounding not too unlike The Stone Roses, which might be a reference as good as any for Listen To Me too, leaning towards the ‘Roses’ second album’s heavier sound.

Considering my only previous encounter with The Grains, through their covers-only 7” debut single, the prevailing of the originals comes as a pleasant surprise.

[Released by Teen Sound 2006]

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