Starky – Mirror, Signal, Manoeuvre

I’m not really sure about their reasons, but as I‘ve already said before, naming a band like this could be enough a reason to tickle the mind of a pop fan.

It’s after a few dives that you also become aware that you’re helplessly infected by the melodies that are “gonna bite, chew and rip your soul in two”.

Considering the level of energy coming out of this shiny little piece of plastic, they kinda remind me of their Nashville soulmates The Shazam and thanks to the powerful, new wavish innocence, they could also be found walking through the “supergrass”, playing early Costello tunes.

The single Saturday Night, Sunday Morning with it’s masculine-Blondie feel, is much more Saturday night than Sunday morning, Girl Talk is not a Costello cover, though it can be filed under his early-daze reminiscing, as well as Theme From High School, which sets the mood for most of the album with it’s high-octane fueled, supermelodic outburst, culminating in That’s How I’ll Know You.

As for the talk of them wearing their ‘Fanclub badges in the past, it does come out on the Tabards/Complicator pair, sounding like highlights out of the Blake/Love/McGinley songbook, but it’s really their own sound leading them towards the star(k)y sky!

Play it LOUD !!!

[Released by Laughing Outlaw 2003]

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