Plain Jane – Plain Jane

Not much is known about the guys responsible for this “vanished masterpiece of charming rural innocence” from ’69, except that they’re supposed to come from the west coast. Still, they throw in enough of New York flavoured eclectism as well, making this a sort of an all-American coast-to-coast musical amalgam.

After the opening pair of Who’s Driving This Train? and You Can’t Make It Alone, both leaning towards the western side by way of the Young-fronted Buffalo Springfield, the following That’s How Much can’t be too far from what Simon & Garfunkel would’ve sounded like if backed by some hairy bunch from Haight Ashbury.

Short Fairy Tale is a jazzy psychedelicatessen, with equal input from the likes of Bert Sommer, Donovan and The Zombies, and if you’re up for some ‘Spoonful-ish good times, the farthest they fly to the west is by The Sopwith Camel, and it’s also exactly where Num-Bird will you.

[Released by Fall Out 2008]

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