Kai Reiner – Kai Reiner

Quoting B-bands as main references doesn’t seem particularly exciting these days. “Just another fish in the sea” tag gets stuck before you know it. The first thing that comes to mind is “haven’t I heard them all already?!”, and it’s the same with me … that’s until I find a will to stick the CD into the player and find myself floating in a haze of deja vu … again.

Tackling the same old influences Glaswegian way, is a trick that still does it for me, and that’s exactly what this German guy does. Byrds-like jangle, Beach Boys harmonies, Big Star/Badfinger power-chord or two, Buffalo Springfield-like mix-it-all eclecticism … all done by way of Teenage Fanclub or Cosmic Rough Riders. You can’t help but sing along and strum air guitar!

[Released by Lakeview Publishing 2008]

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