Jet Lag – Beautiful Scars

After being hailed as “the next big thing” in their Spanish homeland, Jet Lag takes off to try to spread the sound internationally with their second album.

Though they can’t be described as a usual Get Hip choice of bands, they must’ve seemed soooo “hip” to the label’s staff that they signed them anyway, completing their pair of recently released power-pop winners (with The Breakup Society).

The not-so-promising grungey opening, is followed with the first of the evidences of why they are being compared to the likes of Wilco, Fountains of Wayne or R.E.M (and I’d add The Posies, which doesn’t really surprises, considering their status in Spain), with one of the “shiniest” choruses since Guy Chadwick’s same-titled tune (Shine On).

Every now and then, they tend to return to the mentioned grungey “posierism” in some of the power-poppin’ choruses, still kinda making it all right, like in the super-catchy Don’t Forget The Clock or Star and Everytime I Look Around.

When they quiet down a bit, what comes out are LOTS of harmonies, full of Scottish charm, most audible in Rain and (So Hard To Say) Goodbye, or in the Meeky-Moogy-Spacey effected Sinking Ships.

As a special (American) bonus, you also get two covers and an unreleased track, of which the almost loungey sounding Springsteen’s Hungry Heart, filled with “cardigan”-warmth (the other cover is Christina Aguilera’s Beautiful !?!?!), is the most interesting one.

I am not sure if this could really be “the next big thing”, but it’s sure a pleasant-enough substitute if you miss the Posiesounds.

[Released by Get Hip 2004]

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